Despite several setbacks, financing has been completed on the $21 million Welford Sanders Historic Lofts, a renovated building that will house residents and nonprofits and serve as a memorial to the man who led development efforts in Harambee for...
As part of our mission to tell the stories of Milwaukee’s central city residents, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service is seeking community members 18 or older who would like to photograph their lives and neighborhoods.
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In honor of National Nutrition Month, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers offers suggestions to get more vegetables into your meals — even those tasty tacos.
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According to individuals familiar with the local manufacturing industry, people from underserved communities will need increased access to education, exposure to technology and a “growth mindset” to access the opportunities of the future.
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About 200 people participated in a Solidarity March organized by UBLAC to mark “Bloody Sunday,” when Alabama state troopers and local police beat non-violent protesters marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.
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A districtwide uniform policy recently passed by the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors attempts to address bullying and reduce costs for low-income families, but critics say it does not get at the root cause of those issues.
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